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Craft-A-Flower: Tulip Full Bloom Layering Die Set


Craft-A-Flower: Tulip Full Bloom Layering Die Set


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Did you know that tulips have inspired many forms of art?

The Craft-A-Flower: Tulip Full Bloom Layering Die Set will let you create two realistic tulips at different stages of blooming. The fully open tulip viewed from a higher angle comprises two layers for the petals, two for the center, and a couple of additional pieces for the underside of two petals. The second tulip comprises 6 individual petals in addition to a couple of pieces for the inner side of two petals, and two petals to cover the outer petals. The set also has two stems and three leaves. 

With this die set, you can create a gorgeous floral bloom with nothing more than paper and your die cut machine! Watch as the separate elements perfectly fit together to compose different stages of a blooming tulip flower. It's just like putting together a puzzle!

There are 13 dies in this set.

Die Dimensions: top view tulip: 2.4" x 2.0" ▪ side view tulip: 2.0" x 1.8"

Designer's Tips:

Assembling the side view tulip: from petals 1-4 place each subsequent petal OVER the previous petal (e.g. 2 over 1, 3 over 2 etc.). Place petal #5 UNDER petal #4, and place petal #6 UNDER both petal #5 and #1.

Assembling top-view tulip: Place petals #1 OVER petals #2

Create easy gradient color by blending in a darker color ink over our gradient cardstock.

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