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Let's Swatch it! with Waffle Flower

kittenmoose Swatch Waffle Flower Warercolour Watercolor

Hi friends, and thanks for joining me today. My post is a little different than normal as I'm not sharing a card with you this week. Instead, I've been using the Waffle Flower Watercolor Swatch system, and it's brilliant!
As crafters, we all spend a lot of money on materials, and it's true, you can make your own swatches. I have. LOTS. However, they're not uniform and often not really fit for purpose. I also want something easy, and can be used for multiple items. 
The set I'm sharing today is the Watercolor Swatches Combo (click here)

I'll take you through the set and some basic swatches I've made. 
The circle set has one stamp with 5 circles, one outer die to cut the stamp out, and then a set of 5 individually cut circles. 
The rectangles have one stamp set of 12, and then 4 dies.
The largest die cuts 12 individual pieces out. The 12 piece swatch is from my small Cotman set, and the 6 rainbow shades are my Kuretake Zig pens. 
This is a swatch I made for the Karin Brushmarker Pro's. I trimmed a piece of card to fit 5 lines across, then scored on half and added 5 more lines. 
I scored it in half so it folds flat, and sits in the Karin box. 
If I would have given it some more thought, I would have written the numbers and names on the back, as it's a cleaner look. In fact, I might do this over at some point, and going forward, I'll add the details to the back on my other swatches.  
No doubt, I'll use this set more than a lot of my other stamp my sets, so I really don't have an issue with buying it. I really, REALLY love this set, and I'll be looking into getting more in the future.
Have a great day, and I'll see you soon.
Lots of crafty hugs, kittenmoose

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