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COVID-19 Information for customers.


Are you still open for business?

Yes. Unlike retail stores, online store have not had to stop trading. There have been a few changes which you can read about below, but I still have plenty of stock available to purchase to keep those crafty hands busy.


Are you still getting all the new releases and ordering restocks?

We are now starting to order in new releases and restocks. Lots of items are out of stock at the suppliers and some are still not open for business. There are also long delays with orders being dispatched from the USA due to working with skeleton staff. Will are slowly starting to get back to business.


Is the cut off time for ordering still 1pm?

No. Royal Mail have reduced the amount of collections they are doing each day meaning I have less time to get the orders ready. I am now posting daily again.


Are postage times still the same?

As above, orders may take a little longer to arrive at the moment. 

While Royal Mail are trying to operate as normal as possible, there are delays to be expected. You can find the latest information from Royal Mail here 


Are you still posting to international destinations?

Yes. But as above delays are expected. All orders are sent via Royal Mail who pass the items on to their international partners. You can find Royal Mail’s international bulletin here . Royal Mail are currently sending most International Mail via road instead of air causing delays.


How are you preventing the spread of the virus?

Bumbleberrys HQ is based in my purposely converted attic, so I have no need to leave the house.

I was my hands thoroughly before entering, and also have a bottle of hand sanitiser in there with me.

I keep the door shut at all times unless I am in the office, and nobody other than my husband or son enters and even that’s very occasionally. When they do,  I make then sanitizer their hand.


Can the virus spread on the packaging of my order?

While I am doing everything possible to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, I (nor anyone else) can eliminate all risk.

However, the most recent scientific evidence shows that the virus can only live on paper for a few hours and on cardboard for up to 24 hours. So, even if your order should somehow come into contact with the virus, all traces would be gone by the time it has arrived with you.